Work ID

for clients, contractors and self-employed professionals

More than 10.000 professionals preceded you




Everyone on your construction site in one overview. Comply to the Dutch Sequential Liability Act (WKA),
the Act of Combating Sham Arrangements (WAS) and more.

employees & temp workers

Always have the required documents that 
verify who you work for, whether you are a temp worker or an employee. 

self-employed professional

Always have your Declaration of Independent Contractor Status (VAR) and Chamber of Commerce ID at hand.Your credibility is unquestionable with Work ID.



Comply with rules and regulations

A manageable overview of your whole chain. Work ID clarifies the operational links
between you and your subcontractors and hereby prevents false claims of self-employment.
Minimize your error-proneness and accountability as soon as possible.

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  • WKa
  • WBP
  • WAV
  • WAS

Work faster, lower your hidden costs

We have accelerated and optimized the previously slow and error-prone registration process. This saves you money per employee.

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Work ID is the solution

Work ID maps out the whole chain, clarifies all operational links, makes sure that everyone can provides the necessary documents to those who need them. This way the whole chain complies with the rules and regulations (compliance). Work ID also makes sure that no one loses precious time on adminsitrative tasks. 

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